Alphacomm Prepaid Services is leading in base management, online top-up and topup apps. Our redundant and PCI certified platform generates, validates and distributes top-ups and digital content like games and music to thousands of end users every day. Our channels support a wide range of payment methods that are safe and secure, eliminating fraud risk for our customers to zero.

Our solutions have been proven to drive service revenues and increase end-user loyalty. Over the past ten years, we have experienced explosive growth, which has been much-hyped by the financial media and which has also won us various prestigious awards. We are proud of that, but what’s more important to us is that our top-up solutions boost your revenu, bring maximum customer satisfaction and increase loyalty. We facilitate conversion rates that are well above the sector average too. Our B2B customers receive support from our dedicated marketing team, which is well-versed in the latest trends in online marketing, social media, Adwords, display advertising and in-app marketing techniques.


  • Alphacomm has over 20 partners, ranging from MNOs, MVNOs, to banks, e-tailers and content providers.  Partners benefit from our extensive, direct experience in top-up markets, built up over more than ten years. Our partners include Lycamobile, Lebara, Vectone, Vodafone, Rabobank, T-Mobile, Telekom, T-Online, E-Plus and Deutsche Bank. Our proprietary sales channels for the b2c market include leading prepaid top-up websites like www.opwaarderen.nl, www.herladen.be and www.aufladen.de. The company currently generates over 35 million euros in revenue annually and expects to show strong growth in the next years.

    Vodafone, which is Germany’s second-largest mobile operator, grew its number of online top-up transactions from zero to over 25,000 monthly in just a few months after taking out Alphacomm white-label top-up solutions for the web, mobile web and iOS/Android.

    Alphacomm Prepaid Services has an experienced and friendly in-house multi-lingual support team as well as a team of top-notch technical developers who deploy various methods for software development projects including Scrum. Alphacomm platforms have an uptime of over 99%.

    Having featured twice in the Deloitte Fast50 rankings and having won various other prestigious awards, including the FD Gazellen and Twinkle100, Alphacomm Prepaid Services is listed in the top 100 largest ecommerce companies both in the Netherlands and Germany. We employ over 25 staff and have offices in the Netherlands and Germany. We have a presence in Belgium and Spain too and are planning further geographic extension, e.g. to Poland, Turkey and Austria in 2015.

    Alphacomm is PCI Certified and has passed many security audits carried out by renowned financial institutes and telecoms providers. Alphacomm Prepaid is part of the Alphacomm Group.


We are convinced that our tools and processes are successful because we have the track record to prove it! We have tried out our tools and processes extensively ourselves for ten years already, so rely on first-hand experience. Furthermore, we deploy a business model where your success is our success. We always develop a joint go-to-market strategy with our clients. By combining the marketing insights of both your organization and our own experience, we build, launch and maintain successful services that are mutually beneficial. We are strong believers in speed and flexibility. Once you decide to use our standard branded services, we can have them up and running within weeks. If you have unique implementation requirements, our in-house development team will be able to identify within a short amount of time what is needed. By setting up direct communications between our development team and your designers, we create maximum speed and flexibility, eliminating potential mistakes


Enough about us; we want to know about YOU. What are you all about? What is your way of reaching end-users? Is there anything that stands in your way? How can you improve on your business process? We believe in listening to our clients before we sell. Your success is our success; it pays off when we take note of your wishes. So do not hesitate to tell us what you aspire to and what you require, in order to reach your goals. When you open the door to online top up & digital content sales, the sky is the limit so there’s nothing wrong with sounding off a few ideas before you advance your thinking on this subject.


Prepaid top-up app

Your customers can download your own iOS or Android app from the app store/Google Play. Customers can top-up their prepaid balance or buy content using their mobile phone, anywhere and anytime. All major payment methods are supported.


Prepaid top-up site

A responsive website optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop. Customers can top up their prepaid balance or buy digital content with their mobile phone, tablet or desktop, anywhere, anytime. All major payment methods are supported.





All Alphacomm products come in different flavours and at different price levels. We provide an outstanding service for all our products. Since our income directly depends on the quality of our service to you, you can be assured that you will receive the highest service level possible.

  • choose your line

  • SetupSetup
  • LicenseLicense
  • Branding (design, end user support, service emails)Branding (design, end user support, service emails)
  • Payment methodsPayment methods
  • Fraud RiskFraud Risk
  • Facebook loginFacebook login
  • Single sign onSingle sign on
  • ReportingReporting
  • Base ManagementBase Management
  • (E-mail) Marketing(E-mail) Marketing
  • ServiceService
  • Minimum volume requirementMinimum volume requirement
  • Basic line


    Prepaid top up app for IOS and Android or Responsive site for smartphone, tablet and desktop

  • Setup€ 0,00
  • License€ 0,00
  • Branding (design, end user support, service emails)Alphacomm branded
  • Payment methodsPayPal,Creditcard, Sepa Direct Debit, on account & local payment methods
  • Fraud Risk100% fraud protection
  • Facebook loginno
  • Single sign onno
  • ReportingAlphacomm will send a daily overview of standard KPI's like amount of visitors, transactions and conversion ratio.Daily statistics only
  • Base ManagementIncluding insights and advice on basic KPI’s. Alphacomm will manage the online base by support (to end user) and offer light recommendations to grow your customer base (limited hours per month).Basic
  • (E-mail) Marketingno
  • ServiceAlphacomm will offer direct end user service in English and Dutch. Optional
  • Minimum volume requirementIf amount of transactions is lower then 1000, a monthly fee of €750 will be charged (after 2 months).
    The first month there will be no charge, even if the amount of transactions is lower then 1000.
    The second month – if the amount of transactions is still lower then 1000 – the operator has to take marketing actions to boost the numbers (by example SMS to base).
    After the third month the monthly fee of €750 will be charged if the amount of transactions is lower then 1000.
    1000 transactions p/month
  • Premium line


    Prepaid top up app for IOS and Android or Responsive site for smartphone, tablet and desktop

  • Setup€ 4500,00
  • License€ 750,00
  • Branding (design, end user support, service emails)Customer branded
  • Payment methodsPayPal,Creditcard, Sepa Direct Debit, on account & local payment methods
  • Fraud Risk100% fraud protection
  • Facebook loginyes
  • Single sign onyes
  • ReportingFull reporting package contains:
    Daily overview of standard KPI’s like amount of visitors, transactions and conversion ratio.
    Monthly report of customer service performance including received tickets, %solved, average response time, tickets by source (e-mail, phone), etc..
    Monthly report including customer loyalty, revenue, transactions, used payment methods, transactions per product value, etc..
    Full Package
  • Base ManagementIncluding insights and advice on more advanced KPI’s. Alphacomm will not only manage the online base via reports and insights, but also offer a far more advanced and dedicated recommendations to grow your customer base and increase customer loyalty. Advanced
  • (E-mail) MarketingAlphacomm will recommend marketing solutions to grow your customer base and improve customer loyalty. Our Business Intelligence unit provides detailed reports analysing end user behavior. These reports contain valuable information to increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty. Alphacomm uses these insights to offer accurate marketing advice. Examples: Accurate mailing, incentives, etc..yes
  • ServiceAlphacomm will offer direct end user service in English and Dutch. Premium:
    End user support mails and service mails will include customer logo Has priority on Basic line
  • Minimum volume requirementNo minimum requirements
  • Custom line


    Prepaid top up app for IOS and Android or Responsive site for smartphone, tablet and desktop

  • SetupCustom pricing
  • LicenseCustom pricing
  • Branding (design, end user support, service emails)Custom
  • Payment methodsPayPal,Creditcard, Sepa Direct Debit, on account & local payment methods
  • Fraud Risk100% fraud protection
  • Facebook loginCustom
  • Single sign onCustom
  • ReportingCustom
  • Base ManagementCustom
  • (E-mail) MarketingCustom
  • ServicePremium
  • Minimum volume requirementNo minimum requirements



Alphacomm uses its experience and expertise to create tailor-made customer solutions. These are a few examples of the solutions we provide. We are more than happy to discuss alternative ideas too. Solutions can be combined with standard products, but this is not required.

Automatic Top up

When your customers’ balance drops below a threshold, credit is automatically topped up. Alphacomm takes care of the payment via SEPA direct debit, PayPal or Creditcard.

Top up API

Use our API to integrate topup services in your existing website or app. Or use the API for bulk topup.  An annual fee of €2500 will be invoiced for the use and support of the API. Contact us for our latest portfolio of games, music and topups.

Product sales via our top-up channels

Offering your products on Alphacomm’s proprietary retail top-up channels www.opwaarderen.nl, www.aufladen.de, www.herladen.be, www.recargar.es

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence unit provides detailed reports analysing end user behaviour. These reports contain valuable information to increase your revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Base management

Base management through Alphacomm entails in-depth analysis of your customer base. Includes key recommendations to grow your customer base and increase revenues.

Online marketing campaigns

Our marketing team can assist you with online marketing campaigns. We know our way around in the world of online marketing, including social media, internet advertising (including Adwords, display advertising) and in-app marketing techniques.

Digital content & prepaid products

Alphacomm offers a wide range of digital content and prepaid topup products. Connect to our platform and start selling airtime, music cards like iTunes and Spotify or games.

Loyalty and incentive programs

Alphacomm loyalty and incentives team use sophisticated techniques to create and manage loyalty and incentive programmes. Returning customers are valuable customers and when you nurture these you build a rock solid base organically.

Point of Sale

A customer branded web based Point of Sale interface allowing you to directly distribute your e-vouchers to multiple Points of Sale / partners. The e-voucher products can be delivered via direct top up, email, SMS or hard copy print. Alphacomm also offers a web based back-office tool for agents to manage the POS accounts. This fully customer branded web based interface not only allows you to offer higher margins to your Points of Sale and make different commission groups, but also opens a new direct communication channel.



Mobile Operators

Alphacomm’s top-up solutions come a range of different flavours. All our solutions rely on successful, proven business approaches and are highly effective. The various flavours can be tailored according to your specifications and are designed to be seamlessly integrated in your business processes and systems.



As MVNE you want to offer a full portfolio of mobile operator processes to your customers and potential customers. Your portfolio is not complete without our state-of-the-art top-up solutions. We can integrate our channels with your processes and systems, or, alternatively, we can create a joint offer to your customers.


Content providers

Whether you create or sell pure online content or whether you are looking for an alternative channel to distribute e-tickets for your offline entertainment, we can provide the solutions to facilitate this. We have distribution and 100% risk-free payment methods.We can assist you with or completely manage the marketing of your online distribution channel.



With our banking solutions, your customers are able to purchase prepaid top-ups from every mobile operator or content provider directly via your e-banking environment. Offering this solution, you not only provide excellent services to your customers and significantly increase the number of transactions you process, but you also distinguish yourself from your competitors by providing the summum of ease and comfort for customers.


Online retail

The more products you display in your shop, the more you will sell. So why not offer prepaid top-ups in your web shop? This will not only provide extra revenue from the top-ups, but it will also generate plenty of piggyback customers who will see your other products.While you handle the payments, we will handle the top-ups for you.



Maintaining an app, website, blog, forum, community or other type of social media can be cost intensive. That is why it is important that your business makes money. By adding our general top-up solutions to your business, you will receive a share of the top-up revenue we make.


meet our management team

Huub Sparnaay

huub sCEOlinked

He founded Alphacomm Prepaid in 2003 with the aim of establishing a technology company with exponential recurring business growth prospects. He couldn’t have dreamt up a better idea. Now, ten years down the line, Alphacomm’s web and app solutions generate over 35 million euros in revenue annually. A born entrepreneur and blessed with a sharp instinct for sniffing out high margin services, Sparnaay has nurtured various start-ups during the last 17 years, all of which are characterised as innovative technology ventures with scalable, recurring revenues, operating internationally. Sparnaay is Alphacomm’s CEO.

Brian Stuit

brian sCFOlinked

He has over 15 years of financial services and management experience and helped to turn Alphacomm into a highly profitable low margin, high volume business. He is especially proud of having seen the firm grow from a 3 million euro business to an over 35 million euro generating venture and is a shareholder. In a previous life Stuit has held financial management positions in the global accounting firm PwC as well as in the temporary recruitment and software sectors. He studied accountancy and auditing studies at Hogeschool Rotterdam and holds a Bachelor’s degree from this institution. Stuit joined Alphacomm in 2005.

Wesley van Breugel


He joined the firm in the summer of 2007 and is responsible for its technical and security management. He fulfils the traditional role of a CTO, which is really best translated as ‘making data awesome’. Van Breugel manages both the development as the  implementation of truly novel technologies at Alphacomm. Prior to his career with Alphacomm Van Breugel worked at the Ministry of Defence, sharp shooting its strategic business development. Van Breugel received his education at the Hogeschool Rotterdam and holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Computer Science and management.


 What makes Alphacomm unique

10x10 PROVEN – First company in the market, over 10 years of history in top-ups
10x10 COMPLETE – All modern top-up interfaces available
10x10 UNIQUE – Full service solution including marketing, business intelligence and support
10x10 FAST – Implementation possible in weeks
10x10 DIVERS – Extensive range of supported payment methods
10x10 SAFE – 100% fraud protection
10x10 HIGH TECH – Redundant, TEAR 3 and PCI approved platform
10x10 RELIABLE – Partner with strong financial performance over last 10 years
10x10 ENTHUSIASTIC – Highly innovative team





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